Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome to fauxtographs

The word "fauxtographs" is a word I coined to describe my SX-70 manipulated Polaroid photographs because they looked like miniature paintings. As a faux finisher, I liked the idea of creating these "faux" paintings from photographs. To me, this particular technique gave me the freedom to be creative with a simple camera, a few boxes of film, and a few tools which I could readily  take with me on my travels. This equipment was easy to pack, didn't take up much space, and I didn't need power, water, or anything else to create my artwork. And, it was so much FUN!

I was living in San Francisco at the time and met several other artists who were using Polaroid films in creative and unique ways. Soon thereafter, I became a Polaroid Creative Consultant and taught workshops in the Bay Area. I took up photography to get away from sitting at the computer all day but soon found that I was scanning in my Polaroids so that I could print them at a much larger size. More to come . . .

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